Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Bedroom Design Trends For 2020

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. After all, we spend at least seven to eight hours a day there (hopefully). While most of us don’t think of bedrooms as functional spaces, it’s essential to design a room that invokes a feeling of calm and peace.

It’s also incredibly easy to change the feel of a bedroom without too much effort. Whether it’s a new bed, fresh linens or other accessories, a quick fix can make a big impact.

2020 will be all about creating a practical space accessorized with meaningful and beautiful décor. Whether you are swapping out accessories and furnishings, doing a weekend project or major overhaul, here are best bedroom design ideas for 2020. 

Patterned Headboards

Minimalism is over and bold headboards are becoming more popular than ever. “This year, I am all about fun headboards. Design trends are changing from square and angular shapes to more curves and softer forms,” says Karin Bohn of House of Bohn. 

Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors is particularly fond of the patterned fabric headboards we’ve been seeing in recent years. “I foresee more patterns, especially in say a contrasting headboard fabric and wallpaper,” she says. “I think the moment for simplicity in a bedroom has been done and people are now wanting to see a bit more interest and playfulness in the bedroom. A great way to ease into this is an upholstered headboard in a fun pattern.”

There isn’t a brand doing this better than The Inside, which sells both beds and headboards in a range of styles and fabrics. Solids, stripes and every print in between is available in a range of contemporary and traditional patterns. They’ve even collaborated with some of the biggest names in home and fashion design including Peter Som, Claire V and Scalamandré.

Contrasting Nightstands 

Remember buying your bed, dresser and nightstands all in the same place as a matching set? Pickens says this look is over. “There’s nothing worse than when all the furniture comes as a set.”

For anyone who needs a little direction, she recommends choosing a fabric headboard over a wood one. “That way when you choose wood side tables, they don’t compete with the headboard too much,” she says.

Unique Lighting

“Next to the mattress, lighting is key,” says Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors. So, skip that side table lamp and get creative. “Choose a gorgeous chandelier, pendant, or flush mount that is beautiful from all angles, including the bed,” she says.

If you’re thinking of having lighting professionally installed, (as opposed to using lamps), opt for a wall-mounted sconce. These can be particularly useful for anyone who reads in bed. This has been a popular look for a while now and it’s here to stay. 

One lighting trend that we won’t see in 2020 is indirect recessed lighting in the bedroom. “It is okay to highlight art,” says Bean. “But I never install down lighting over a bed!”

Interesting Color Palettes

“I love that color is trending, so we are seeing more deep blues, greens and pinks show up in a bedroom. I love that we are getting away from completely neutral spaces,” says Bohn.

Dark color palettes are another trend. “I am also excited about darker spaces. We are starting to move away from light bright bedrooms to bedrooms with darker shades and color, which I think is great because darker spaces can promote more restful sleep,” she says.

Bean recommends using paint to bring color into a room. “I believe any color family can work in a bedroom, but never in it’s most pure and concentrated form. For example, I prefer a slightly muddied moss green, or a green touched with black, such as Farrow and Ball’s Studio green over a primary green.”


The bed shouldn’t be the only space to sit down and feel cozy. “If your space is big enough, then a must-have is a bench at the foot of the bed. Having that extra piece of furniture for storage is important. It is also nice to have a place to sit down when getting ready or a space for extra décor, says Bohn.

LeeAnn Baker of LeeAnn Baker Interiors suggests creating a separate sitting area. “What I really love is to have seating in a bedroom, so this is not a trend so much as it’s an evergreen: two chairs, an ottoman, and a cup of coffee. To me, conversation and coffee is the best tip for any bedroom.”

Statement Pieces On Nightstands And Side Tables

Nightstands tend to become a holding spot for miscellaneous objects, so choosing one larger statement piece is a better idea than several smaller pieces. The Brooklyn Teacup’s upcycled tiered china stands work perfectly for this purpose. “They’re functional, elegant and have plenty of unique character,” says Ariel Davis who is the founder of the rising brand. “Customers love using them to hold jewelry they remove before bedtime, like rings, earrings, and watches and appreciate how they enable you to artfully display your tidbits (versus just looking like clutter).”

The Brooklyn Teacup’s upcycled china.Kimberly Schottland

Customers can also send in their own china and family heirlooms for repurposing into pieces such as ring dishes made from saucers or larger pieces like 3-tier stands from multiple plates. 

“Imagine taking off your earrings and putting them on to a tiered tray made from grandma’s favorite china…It’s just the best. Now you’ve got a family heirloom you’ll actually use and enjoy that will also remind you of your loved ones,” says Davis.

Layering, Evolving And Editing

There isn’t a true formula for beautiful bedroom design, but rather Bean sees the process as an evolution. No one is ever really done decorating the bedroom. “When designing a bedroom, always continue editing. Even with the colorful and layered bedrooms, I am excited to design this year, there should be nothing that is not loved, functional, or beautiful in the bedroom,” she says. 

If you have a lot of bedroom décor and accessories, editing doesn’t have to mean getting rid of meaningful objects. Switching out pieces seasonally is a far better way to go. Avoid clutter and bring everything together. “Layers are so important- various textures in the bedding and fabrics, mixing antique wood with a sleek bone nightstand, and statement lamps, mixed metals” she says.

The same rule can be applied to linens such as duvets. Choose a heavier material like flannel for colder months and lighter textiles like linen for summer.

Another way to edit the look of a bedroom is through art. If you have a lot of pieces you like, there’s no reason to clutter up the walls. ArtSugar even has a rental program which allows customers to swap out pieces every 90 days without committing.

Approaching decor knowing you will edit is a great way to keep the space looking fresh, interesting and like the sanctuary you deserve.

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