Hospital Bed That Turns Into Coffin To Fight Corona Supply Shortage Is The Dark Side Of Innovation

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but those are just words and phrases unless you’ve witnessed the real deal. 

A Bogota-based advertising firm has done exactly that by coming up with a rather gritty solution to deal with lack of hospital beds amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

As scores of researchers and scientists continue to push through the days to bring new innovation to the forefront, this Colombian company’s proposal to have beds which can be turned into makeshift coffins upon a patient’s death may seem a little sinister, but the makers also seem to have their hearts in the right place.

Given the high-risk contagion that COVID-19 is, these beds designed by ABC Displays were made with an intention to keep medical staff and paramedics safe from contracting the infection from a dead patient.

Made entirely of cardboard with metal railings for added strength, these beds can reportedly bear up to 150 kgs of weight and cost nearly Rs 6,000 a piece.

According to an Associated Press report, the idea to make such a bed first struck the company manager Rodolfo Gomez when he witnessed people’s struggle in Ecuador. He saw families in Guayaquil wait for hours to get their hands on caskets for their dead family members, while others settled for cardboard boxes when they couldn’t afford a wooden one.

With the number of Coronavirus cases slowly rising in Colombia, Gomez now plans to donate 10 such beds to Colombia’s Amazonas department where they have a shortage of supplies.

It’s good to know that people from all walks of life are trying to come up with ways that can help their community deal with this pandemic better. 

If every individual and capable organisations come together to innovate and create products to ensure people’s safety from this life-threatening virus, it won’t be long before we all succeed in defeating it.

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