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How to Get Your Money Groove Back

Recently, a reader confided that she believed that she had lost her enthusiasm for her life goals and that she felt weary whenever she thought about all the tasks she had to complete to make her dreams come true. Somewhere along the way, it seems her get-up-and-go approach had deserted her.

Although she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and was very clear about the strategies she needed to employ, several events had distracted her from her objectives. Like an old vinyl record that was stuck in a groove, she was just spinning around in circles and not making headway on her goals.

Despite her best efforts, she felt annoyed that she was unable to break free of the malaise that was hindering her progress. What sure-fire techniques could she utilise to get back on track? she wondered. How could she regain the confidence and vitality that would be required to accomplish her goals?

Fatigue and burnout are not uncommon setbacks faced by persons who are working hard at achieving their goals. Once weariness has replaced perseverance, over time it can eat away at your resolve to be successful. Let’s look at some strategies that can help you to get back in the right money groove.

Distractions are tests

If you’ve established an action plan to help you achieve your goals, understand that you will be tested to see how dedicated you are to your dreams. You’re not going to have a smooth ride all along your journey; you will experience frustrations, challenges and other obstacles that will try to block your path.

Think back to what you were doing just before you got sidetracked. Chances are you had developed a good momentum in your work efforts, or you may have been on the verge of a big breakthrough. Suddenly, something happened in your life that turned your attention away from your goal finish line.

Don’t get too preoccupied in dissecting how and why you went awry; just understand that this is a normal part of the achievement process. Expect to be hit with delaying interruptions, especially when you are progressing well. Just quickly dismiss the distractions so that you can go back to your tasks.

Refocus on your target

It’s easy to lose your way if you don’t continually remind yourself of your strategic action plan. If you find that you are floundering at sea, it’s probably because you took your eyes off the navigation device that would point out your final destination and steer you along the path needed to reach it.

This is why it is critical to write down your goals and action plans, and create visual reminders of the things you are working towards. Use images that can evoke an emotional response; for example, take your picture or family portrait and put it beside a photo of a dream house, fancy car, or luxury resort.

If you have lost some of your passion for your dreams, take some time to review your written objectives and remind yourself why it was important for you to accomplish these particular goals. Use negative reinforcement to scare yourself about what could happen if you fail to achieve your plans.

Insulate and immerse yourself

When you are feeling uncertain about the worth of your goals or your ability to accomplish your dreams, it’s very important to avoid all forms of negativity that will only reinforce your vulnerable state. This is not the time to hang around naysayers or people who are not goal-focused themselves.

Seek out persons who have accomplished what you are working towards. Talk to friends who recently bought their own homes or got through with their educational plans. If you are in business, have lunch with colleagues who are currently experiencing success and be encouraged by their results.

Develop the habit of nurturing yourself with a diet of motivational literature or self-help websites.Every day for at least 30 minutes, tune into a world where people are determined and progressive about their dreams. This will help you to build a more positive outlook and, eventually, escape your malaise.

Force yourself anyway

When you were in school, most teachers didn’t really care if you liked their subjects; you had to do the work because it was required. As an adult at work there are times when you just have to ignore how you feel and just get up and get the job done so that you don’t lose your employment or income.

Similarly, although you may feel distracted or discouraged about your goals, you may simply have to disregard your inner voice and plod on anyway. Learn how to talk tough to yourself and force yourself to just do the task at hand even if you don’t feel particularly excited or motivated.

You will often find that once you fight your negative feelings and keep doing the necessary actions, you will eventually slip back into the groove and get back on track towards your goals. As you start to reap little victories along the way, your passion to attain your dreams will return.


This article was written by Cherryl Hanson Simpson, Cherryl is a Financial Consultant and Coach, 
and founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services in Jamaica. 
Visit her website at www.financiallysmartadvice.com and www.financiallysmartonline.com
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