Savings is the key to Wealth Creation

Getting Something for Nothing

Recently, I received an email advising me that an organisation had recovered funds that they believed had been diverted from my account. If I was willing to confirm my bank records, then I could benefit from the restitution of part of the over US$9 million in stolen assets that they claimed to have identified.

My first reaction to the outrageous email was to laugh heartily, as I wished that my net worth could justify my inclusion in their list of wealthy persons with diverted funds. Then, I thought that there had to be many people who would respond to the spurious message, knowing that they really didn’t qualify.

I believe that scam artists continue to create these fraudulent emails because there are lots of people who regularly fall victim to their improbable stories. If criminals had no success in trying to get persons to reveal their banking information, then they would have stopped trying this method a long time ago.

The lure of easy money

I have often wondered why the ‘lotto scam’, a scheme to swindle gullible elderly people out of their funds with the promise of lottery winnings, has been so lucrative for Jamaican wrongdoers. Why were so many people enticed to give up what they had, to get a prize in a contest they hadn’t even entered?

The lotto scam, like other confidence tricks that have circulated for centuries, succeeds because it feeds on a basic component of our human nature – greed. Most people have an intrinsic desire for more possessions and money, and some will recklessly endanger what they already have to get more.

As the shrewd hawk in Aesop’s ancient fable recognised, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”In the same way, you need to be certain that you do not throw away what you have worked hard to achieve, in the hope of receiving a massive windfall that may not be forthcoming in the future.

An aversion to work

Another reason why some people fall for get-rich-quick schemes is that they are not inclined to do the work that is normally required to attain riches. They want to enjoy the trappings of wealth without educating themselves, taking risks, making mistakes and being relentless until success finally comes.

Gambling is another route which some people choose to boost their earnings without increasing their work output. In tough economic times, more people usually attempt to find relief or riches in betting and gaming activities instead of using their time to create opportunities for themselves.

As the Jamaican saying goes, “Short cut draw blood;” those who try to cut corners and achieve major goals without putting in any sweat equity, often find that their attempts only bring suffering. There are many stories of people who have lost everything because they tried to find an easy way to wealth.

Work hard and smart

The reality is that if you really want to have more in life in an honest and sustainable way, you have to be prepared to give more of your time and effort to achieve your objectives. Don’t shy away from good old-fashioned work, as there is no substitute element for hard work in the formula for success.

However, working hard alone may not necessarily get you more, as there are many diligent labourers who have very little financial results to show for their efforts. You also have to apply some thought and strategy to ensure that your work is properly directed, so that it can attain the outcome you desire.

To attain more, spend your spare time creating sources of independent income. Learn how to earn profit by putting your money into wise investments. Take calculated steps to develop a viable business idea. Find out how you can package your talents or use your assets to build passive income streams.

More can be less

While it’s admirable to want to improve your standard of living and achieve lasting wealth, it’s important to make a careful determination of the true cost of going after your lofty money goals.Sometimes, you may end up making compromises that could jeopardise things you hold dear.

For example, if you decide to spend long hours at work and never take holidays in order to earn more in your job or business, you could perhaps reap rich rewards. However, if you neglect your family in the process, you may lose the satisfaction of having meaningful relationships with your loved ones.

Another consideration in your quest to acquire more in life is to ensure that you don’t sacrifice your morals or integrity to get ahead. Are the perks of bigger bank account really worthwhile if you have to lie, cheat or steal to become successful? You may have more, but end up losing everything to gain it.

If you want achieve all your financial desires, design a smart action plan that has specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based goals for your life. Work diligently at your plan until your harvest is ready, and then enjoy the process of reaping your rewards!


This article was written by Cherryl Hanson Simpson, Cherryl is a Financial Consultant and Coach, 
and founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services in Jamaica. 
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