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Financial Frustrations

If you like to follow the progress of persons who are top achievers in the entertainment or business world, you may marvel at their fabulous lives that most of us can only fantasise about. Whether it’sBeyonce or Buffett, you might secretly envy their ability to accomplish their wildest dreams.

Most stories about the rich and famous usually show these persons enjoying the trappings of wealth, but they hardly ever give the background of what they had to endure to reach where they are today. The end result is celebrated, while the journey with its challenges and obstacles is often ignored.

When asked to share their road to success, many notable persons will reveal that they had to endure tremendous difficulties before they started seeing any results from their efforts. One common trait of those persons who make it big is a determined persistence to keep going despite their frustrations.

Frustrating situations abound

You don’t have to be seeking to obtain riches or fame to face frustrating experiences in your own life. Just trying to survive day-to-day in our country is enough to make many of us doubtful, discouraged, and depressed. So many persons report that they feel like giving up as the going is just too tough.

The reality is that we were never promised an easy life that would be free from challenges. Musician Irving Berlin said, “Life is 10 per cent how you make it and 90 per cent how you take it.” It’s your attitude towards your setbacks that will determine whether you ultimately succeed or fail.

Your frustrating situations can either make you complain and resign yourself to an unfulfilled existence, or they can force you to dig deep within to find solutions to take you out of your problems. Let’s look at some common financial frustrations and some strategies that can help you to pull through.

Employment scarcity

One problem which frustrates many persons is the inability to obtain a job or stable source of income. Hundreds of young people leave school each year without an outlet for productive employment. They often feel cheated by a system which encouraged them to study hard and find a good job with benefits.

Although there are not enough jobs being created to satisfy the demand every year, some job seekers look for employment in sectors that are oversubscribed and ignore alternatives that may be available.The perceived lack of opportunities makes them opt to go overseas in search of greener pastures.

Keep abreast of trends when pursuing your career options. There are unfilled positions in business process outsourcing firms, employees who can speak Spanish and Mandarin are in demand in the hospitality industry, and it might be useful to learn sign language to translate for the deaf community.

Inadequate income

Another big source of frustration for many people is the inability to make ends meet with their regular income. It seems that no matter how hard they try to cut back on expenses, they just can’t get their budgets to balance. Going to the supermarket or opening a bill can be a testing experience, indeed!

For budget shortfalls that remain after reducing your costs, try to generate extra money to cover your needs. Look for freelance options on websites such as Odesk.com, Elance.com, Freelancer.com, or sell your creativity on Fiverr.com. You can also turn a hobby, such as baking or sewing, into a part-time income source.

If you’re facing a serious income deficit, you may be forced to temporarily reduce your standard of living until your situation improves. For example, if you lost your job, you may have to move back home with your parents or sell your possessions to survive. Console yourself that you will rebound.

Delayed goals

For persons who have established specific, time-bound objectives, there can be few things as frustrating as goals that don’t happen in the way they were envisioned. Despite their best efforts in actualising their dreams, they just can’t seem to achieve the desires of their hearts.

Even though you may have created a clear pathway for your life, understand that there can be several roads to reach your destination. Some people speed on the highway, while others take the scenic route. Focus more on the journey of discovery about yourself that occurs as you pursue your dreams.

Sometimes you have to experience new things, meet essential people and mature in your behaviour in order to become who you need to be to fully realise your objectives. Let your main goal be to become a better person each day; as long as you keep learning and growing, you will always be successful.

Despite the frustrations that abound, keep focused on the prize and constantly remind yourself of the reasons why it’s important for you to accomplish your goals. Read stories of famous persons who beat the odds and encourage yourself that if they could succeed in spite of their problems, then so can you.


This article was written by Cherryl Hanson Simpson, Cherryl is a Financial Consultant and Coach, 
and founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services in Jamaica. 
Visit her website at www.financiallysmartadvice.com and www.financiallysmartonline.com
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